In the automotive industry, a variety of elaborately processed materials (e.g., metals, plastics, glasses, electronic components) are used. The quality assurance of individual components as well as the combination of different components in a part, represents a technological challenge that can only be effectively managed with appropriate analytical support. Typical surface-analytical questions result from the following issues:

  • process disturbances in coatings manufacturing
  • adhesion problems of adhesive bonds
  • failure of servomotors
  • corrosion processes
  • outgassing or discoloration of plastics
  • deposits on components of the injection system
  • ...

In addition, automotive surface analysis often deals with analytical issues:

  • characterization of glasses
  • structure of metallic coatings
  • studies on tribology
  • analysis of lubricants
  • analysis of lighting devices
  • optimization of measuring sensors
  • composition of plastics
  • ...

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