Do you have a problem with a surface, layer or interface?

We listen carefully to your specific needs to ensure we select the appropriate analytical technique. A thorough understanding of your needs prior to testing will help ensure a successful analysis and meaningful results.

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Problems at the surface?

Adhesion/delamination, wetting, discoloration, blooming, corrosion, overlayers, clouding, residues, wrong properties,...

any layer, surface or interface: e.g. glass, metal, semiconductors, plastics, powders and particles, liquid residues, insulators, contacts, housings, lacquers, bond pads, sensors

Recognize the causes,
find alternatives,
plan measures

We find the underlying cause!

We listen to you

We take time for you - before, during, and after and the analysis.
We have well-defined work plans to keep you informed along the way.
We will create a work plan that meets your and consistent.


to identify, to localize, to quantify

We supply information on structures and characterize elements and molecules on and in the surface and in the layers near the surface, if needed also in images or in 3 dimensions.

Informative reporting

Interpretation of data

Root cause analysis

Answers to your questions

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