Organic films

Surface modification und protection

Sensitive electronic components and sensors, medical devices or membranes are often coated with organic films to protect them from aggressive media, to increase their biocompatibility or to selectively apply barrier layers. When the product failure rate increases, often the quality of the applied organic layer is doubted. In these cases, a targeted analysis can be helpful for a rapid diagnosis as the following example shows:


Organic protective coatings

Coating of sensitive electronic components

In the case presented here, a transparent protective film of the polymer Parylene should be applied on a circuit board for mechanical stabilization and corrosion protection. As the failure rate increased, the question arose whether the several μm thick film applied to the board surface consisted of the desired polymer or whether it had mistakenly been replaced by an alternative product. To clarify this question, an ATR-FTIR analysis of the unknown protective coating was compared to the spectrum of a suitable parylene reference. The illustrated IR spectra show a clear agreement of all absorption bands. Thus, Parylene could be clearly detected as a protective layer and a wrong polymer coating could be excluded as the cause of the failures.

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