Life Sciences

Analytical challenges in the field of life sciences arise from the variety of materials used, from metals to aqueous biological systems, which are difficult to study in vacuum systems. For example, biocompatible materials consist of tailor made metal alloys, ceramics, or plastics, while sensitive biological samples must first be prepared for vacuum analysis (e.g., tissue sectioning or single-cell preparations). The following subjects have already been successfully investigated:

  • surface condition of implants (stents, screws)
  • analysis of sterile transport fluids
  • surface chemistry of wound dressings
  • oarticle and residue analysis in needles
  • characterization of sterile scalpel blades
  • analysis of exudations on endoscopic fiber optics
  • lateral distribution of biomolecules (lipids, amino acids) in non-chemically fixed tissue sections and in chemically fixed single cells

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