What is meant by failure analysis and defect analysis?

Many manufacturers of technical or chemical products are accustom to producing their products within narrow standardization limits and specifications. While efforts are made in the area of quality assurance and process control in order to comply with the required limit values (e.g. cleanliness, absence of particles, etc.), minor defects or serious damage can occur in an end product if the starting materials used or the processes carried out are outside the permissible tolerances. In such cases, it is usually necessary to quickly eliminate the cause of damage through targeted failure analysis and damage analysis.

How do failure analysis and defect analysis work?

We at tascon offer you our analytical know-how and years of experience in solving such problems in the field of failure analysis and damage analysis. A typical job in the field of failure analysis and damage analysis looks like this:

  1. Contact: You contact us by phone or email to describe the defect you have observed. In a non-binding personal interview, we will try to collect as much analytically relevant information as possible that will allow us to assess the analytical possibilities. The scope of the questions also includes recording how long the defect pattern has been observed, whether there are return or defect-free samples, or whether the damage pattern occurs with each or only one customer. To assess the success of a failure analysis and damage analysis, it is also very helpful if you can provide us with photos of damaged components. Perhaps you have also carried out a failure analysis and damage analysis in your own laboratory? If so, these results are also of interest to us, as they can complement the results of our analyzes.
  2. Offer: Depending on your needs, we will then prepare a proposal describing how we would examine the defective parts as part of a failure analysis and defect analysis. In addition to the analysis techniques used and the number of samples examined, the price also depends on required turnaround time, if we must visit your site to take samples or presentation of the results, and special documentation in the event of imminent legal disputes, etc.
  3. Measurements / report: About 90% of the failure analysis and defect analyses are examined in the form of a good / bad comparison. Since there are usually no retained samples available, an intact component is often analyzed as a good sample. After completing the analyzes agreed with you in advance, you will receive a written report that summarizes the essential results of our investigations. With our standard turnaround time, you will usually receive this report after 8-10 working days. Of course, we know that not all of our customers are experts in the field of failure analysis and damage analysis. That is why we strive to make reports as understandable as possible and are always available to answer any questions you may have about the analysis techniques, measurements, evaluations or interpretation.
  4. Further measures: Many failure analyses and defect analyses are completed after the analysis report has been created and the results have been discussed in detail. However, there are regularly cases in which processes have to be adapted as a consequence of the failure analysis and defect analysis. During such changes, we are often active in an advisory capacity in the form of site audits and scientific research. After a process change resulting from an failure and defect analysis, we can help to minimize the occurrence of new errors and defects through regular quality and process controls. In addition, these analysis results can help to document the effect of process adjustments and to obtain approval of previously blocked products by your customers.

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Have we piqued your interest? Then let us advise you on the subject of failure analysis and defect analysis without obligation. Just get in touch with us. We look forward to your inquiry and we hope to be able to represent you in your fault analysis and damage analysis soon.

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