Case Studies

Cleaning of Metal Surfaces (ToF-SIMS) Blooming on Polymer Surfaces (ToF-SIMS) Identification of Polymer Additives (ToF-SIMS) Residues of Surfactants (ToF-SIMS) Delamination of Adhesive Labels (ToF-SIMS)
Layer Delamination (ToF-SIMS) Distribution of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) in Tablets (ToF-SIMS) Defects in Car Paint (ToF-SIMS) Characterisation of ALD-Films (LEIS) Characterisation of Langmuir-Blodgett Films (ToF-SIMS)
Deactivation of an Automotive Catalyst (LEIS) Identification of Protective Coatings (ATR-IR) Glass Corrosion (ToF-SIMS)
Characterisation of Sub-Confluent Cell Layers (Fluorescence Microscopy & ToF-SIMS) 3D-Depth Profiling of Single Cells (ToF-SIMS)
Contaminants on a laser mirror Spontaneous glass fracture (SEM/EDX)