Analysis of Electronic and Semiconductor Components

The characterisation of semiconductors, electronic components and building elements is an analytical challenge due to the broad range of materials and the complex manufacturing methods. Exactly because of this complexity, modern surface analytical techniques can make a meaningful contribution in development, production and quality control. The following issues can successfully be addressed:

  • Characterisation of raw materials (semiconductors, polymers & resins,
    ceramics, ...)
  • Process step efficiency  (e.g. life time of cleaning baths)
  • Determination of layer structures
  • Adhesive properties (e.g. in soldering)
  • Testing of clean room air (e.g. for organic components)
  • Formation sources of stains, deposits and residues (e.g. after etching steps)
  • Testing of implant profiles (e.g. B in Si)
  • “Defect Review“
  • ...

Case Studies