Media for Data Storage

Media for the storage of large amounts of data are an important part of modern information technology. A failure in storage media (e.g. hard disks, DVD, magnetic tapes) leads often to irreversible loss of data. Therefore, it is important that the properties of the materials used for production of new data storage media are well known and that standards are defined. On top of that, the causes for failure need to be determined and removed fast and efficiently. In this, surface analytical methods play an important role in clarifying issues such as:

  • Characterisation of the base polymers for CD & DVD raw materials
  • Chemical characterisation of lubricants on hard disks
  • Layer build-up on hard disks
  • Build-up on write and read heads
  • Ware of magnetic tapes
  • Metallisation delamination
  • Deposits & particle characterisation
  • Delamination of metallised layers
  • Characterisation of deposits & particles
  • ...