Analytical Services

Surface analysis at tascon can be considered a fine-tuned comb for surfaces and interfaces. With respect to the composition and topography of surfaces little escapes us. In direct contact with our customers we define the underlying problem, select suited analytical techniques and perform the respective measurements and evaluations. Our services are much sought-after in product development, process control, quality control as well as in failure analysis. Typical tasks include:

  • General surface characterisation
  • Compositional analysis (identification and quantification of constituents)
  • Detection of trace impurities
  • Identification of unknown layers and determination of layer thickness
  • Control of surface modifications (adhesion promoters, plasma treatments, ...)
  • Determination of the topography or roughness
  • Process control (cleaning, bonding, ...)
  • Product analysis ("Reverse Engineering")
  • Failure analysis (discolouration, corrosion, loss of adhesion), ...