Research Projects

In order to keep our knowledge state-of-the-art we regularly take part in research projects. These are  financed  publicly as well as with our own resources. In addition, we offer joint research projects to our customers. Payment of analytical services on customer projects will be adjusted depending on whether the results are made public or need to be treated confidentially. In any case strict confidentiality is guaranteed upon first discussion of customer projects.

The following publicly co-funded projects are currently under investigation or have been finished:

  • InnoSysTox - Co-operation: N3rvoussystem - A 3R-system biology based strategy for the assessment of dangers, risks and security of neurotoxins in humans (BMBF/PTJ, Grant no. 031L0020C)
  • MikroPlastiCarrier - Efficient procedures for the detection of microplastic in water and waste water and the toxicological potential as carrier for harmful substances (EFRE/LeitmarkAgentur.NRW. Grant no EFRE-0800577-1-2-054D)
  • NanoBiodetect - Nanoparticles in tissue: Detection, quantification and presentation of biological effect markers (BMBF; Grant no. 03X0146C)
  • NanoPaCT (Development of New Analytical Techniques for the Characterisation of Nanoparticles; funded by the EU and the state of NRW; coordinated by tascon GmbH)
  • Toxdrop (Cell Based Toxikology Tests; funded by the EU)
  • High Throughput-Screening for Drug Transport through the Blood-Brain Barrier (funded by BMBF; German Federal Ministry of Education and Research)